domingo, 10 de junio de 2007

what y done whit english this weeak

In this weeak y play a game, the game was in englesh y translate it. On friday my father receive a note in english y translate it.

domingo, 20 de mayo de 2007


Esta es la tarea sobre los Gadgets

domingo, 6 de mayo de 2007

Hello! My name is Bruno. My favorite bands are Dream Theater, Witesnake, Deep Purple, NightWish, Angra and Sonata Arctica. I love the music. My favorite foods are barbacue, pizza and hamburgers with potatoes.

Thank you for your hospitality!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

My easter

My easter was a beautifull day. My grandmother gived me a chocolate egg and my parents gived me a chocolate rabbit. All my family stayed in the meeting. I ate some chocolate and my cousins ate chocolate too. It was so great.

I wish you had a pleasent easters!

Armenian Genocide

The armenian genocide is a massacre committed from the turkey state to the armenians.It passed between the night of 23 and the daybreak of 24 april in 1915.In the armenian genocide die 1.500.000 because the turkey´s carry the armenians to the desert of DER-EL-ZOR(with no water) or they drown the armenians in the sea.Now the turkey state deny that your state did the armenian genocide,but the armenians are going to protest forever.